Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

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Paper Bag Puppet

It’s an oldie, but a goodie. Flip over a brown paper bag and glue on googly eyes. Next, cut out an orange triangle for a beak and glue beneath the googly eyes. Finally, tape feathers on the back and you’ve got a turkey puppet! Encourage your kids to add stickers or designs to the bag to make the craft their own.

Prepping for Thanksgiving means grocery shopping and decorating the house. But before it gets too busy, take a minute to spend time with your little ones. If your kids are sick of tracing a turkey hand, we’ve got Thanksgiving crafts that are easy as pie. Grab your kiddos and get crafty!

Wine Cork Table Cards

Thanksgiving is a time to make your loved ones feel special, and the kiddos can help! Round up leftover wine corks (yes, this is an excuse to drink) and use a knife to cut a slit long way down the middle. Cut pieces of construction paper in different colors to fit in the cork, and let your kids decorate each card with the guests’ names.

Faux Turkey

Let your kids outside to collect leaves of all shapes and colors. On a piece of paper, outline a turkey, then have your kids arrange the leaves to fan out around your turkey to make feathers. Have your kids make different designs with leaves of the same color, or create an ombre effect.

String Together Gratitude

For older kiddos, teach the meaning behind Thanksgiving by creating gratitude bracelets. Start with beads with words printed on them like “thankful,” “love,” and “friendship” and with string, have your kids piece together what they’re grateful for. Use this time to start a conversation about why they picked each word.

Napkin Rings

Create customized napkin rings to make the kids’ table special! Cut toilet paper rolls in half, and cover with fall fabric or scrapbook paper. Collect leaves, acorns, or buttons to glue around the roll. Use around your napkin for extra decoration.

Stamp Placemats

Apples and pumpkins? Double the fall feel! Cut an apple in half and dip it in orange paint. Then push paint-side down on a piece of paper. Paint on a brown stem and you’ve got a pumpkin. Use this print on paper or fabric to make placemats for the table.

Find Health

What are Thanksgiving crafts without a coloring sheet? From little kids to adult, coloring is a great mental health exercise. Download our Thanksgiving coloring page and see if your little one can find all the Hancock Health logos hidden in the picture!

Snap a picture of your finished craft and tag us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. For more ways to enjoy fall with your family, check out these outdoor activities.

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