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Lisa Thompson: Why I Love My Job

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The family-like feeling among Hancock Health’s nurses, doctors, and associates is among the first things staff members talk about when they describe their workplace. 

Lisa Thompson, the surgical services manager at Hancock Regional Hospital, is no exception. Thompson started her career at Hancock Health more than 20 years ago as a student nurse in obstetrics. Since then, she has served as an operating room coordinator—acting as a patient’s advocate during surgery—and now she’s in a supervisory role, making sure everything runs smoothly in operating rooms. 

“I’ve grown up here,” Lisa said. “When I was a student nurse, I had so many amazing nurses take me under their wing, teach me, and help me grow and get to where I am today.”

We asked a few more questions to find out more about why she loves her job.

Q: You could work in a lot of places. Why have you stayed at Hancock Health for more than two decades? 

A: I think the biggest thing with Hancock Health is that our patients aren’t numbers. We truly do care about them from the beginning all the way through their stay here with us. I live in the community and most of our staff live in the community, so we see our patients outside of the hospital. It’s fulfilling to me to know what happened with a patient in the hospital and then see them later, out and running and playing and living life. It’s really gratifying to know that I had a part in that.

Q: When you have a new nurse at the hospital, what do you make sure to tell them?

A: I tell them, “you’re never alone.” We have a phenomenal team, so I let them know that if they don’t know something, someone is always a shout or phone call away. I live eight minutes away and I’ve gotten called in plenty of times. I don’t usually look my best when I show up, but I’m there in eight minutes to help them out. 

Q: Can you share a story about one of those calls?

A: There was one of those instances when I got a call at night that they needed more hands. I came in and the patient’s wife was sitting in the waiting room alone and crying. So as I was running to the dressing room, I called the chaplain because I didn’t want her to be alone. Then I got changed and I went back. It was a very difficult case, but he made it. The next day, I went to visit upstairs and he was sitting there eating bacon and pancakes. It was amazing and very gratifying. 

Q: What would you say about Hancock Health to a nurse who is just out of college and looking for a job?

A: When we hire new nurses, we are invested in their growth, whether they are planning to stay at Hancock Health or not. As we watch them grow, we celebrate their successes and we’re all into really helping them be the best they can be. I think that’s definitely something that you get being at Hancock that you don’t get from being in other hospitals. They just don’t have that work-family like we do.

Q: Hancock Regional Hospital recently received an “A” grade for safety from the national hospital watchdog group, The Leapfrog Group. What does it mean to you?

A: That makes me super proud. It goes back to us putting our patients first, which is everything to us. We’re always focused on safety and constantly going through the protocols, like asking our patients their name and date of birth, over and over, to make sure we’re giving them the right medication and that kind of thing. It can even get frustrating for the patients. But when we get that kind of recognition, it lets you see there are a lot of good reasons for what we do and that it pays off in the end. It does make a difference where you get your health care. Nurses like Lisa Thompson are a big part of our commitment to making health possible in East Central Indiana and beyond. Visit to learn more and find your Hancock Health care team.