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Saving Your Health Care Dollars With Preventive Care

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Free stuff is always good. When it comes to health care, few things are really free. But you can get preventive care—screenings, immunizations, and even some counseling—at no cost to you. So even if it’s not technically free, it can feel that way.

The reason: As long as your provider is in their network, most insurance plans cover preventive care at 100%. The good news at Hancock Health is that our providers are in-network for most major insurance plans.

There are three basic categories of preventive care—adults, women, and children—and the coverage extends to tests and exams you’ll expect like mammograms and screening colonoscopies. But it also includes some stuff you might not know about.

Here’s a list of some of the preventive care measures your insurance plan probably covers.

For adults over 18:

  • Abdominal aortic aneurysm one-time screening for men, ages 65 to 75, who have ever smoked
  • Alcohol misuse screening and counseling
  • Blood pressure screening 
  • Cholesterol screening 
  • Depression screening 
  • Diabetes (Type 2) screening for adults, ages 40 to 70, who are overweight or obese 
  • Diet counseling for adults at higher risk for chronic disease 
  • Hepatitis B and C screenings 
  • Sexually transmitted infection screenings 
  • Immunizations, including flu, shingles, HPV, and tetanus 
  • Lung cancer screening 
  • Tobacco use screenings for all adults and cessation interventions 

For women:

  • Breastfeeding support and counseling from trained professionals and access to supplies for pregnant and nursing women 
  • Gestational diabetes screening for pregnant women 
  • Maternal depression screening
  • Bone-density screening for women older than 65 or younger women who have gone through menopause
  • Breast Cancer Genetic Test for women at a higher risk of developing breast cancer 
  • Cervical cancer screenings (Pap tests for women who are 21 to 65)
  • Diabetes screening for women at a higher risk
  • Well-woman visits, including a full annual check-up with your doctor 

For children:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, and drug use assessments for adolescents 
  • Autism screening at 18 and 24 months 
  • Behavioral assessments for children and adolescents up to 17 years old 
  • Depression screenings for adolescents, beginning at age 12
  • Developmental screening for children under 3 
  • Immunizations
  • Obesity screening and counseling 
  • Well-baby and well-child visits, including full check-ups 

If you’d like to schedule preventive health care appointments for you or someone you love, we can help. Hancock Health offers a full range of preventive measures, including everything from screenings to counseling. If you have questions about your insurance coverage or anything else, contact us at We’ll get right back to you!