You CAN Eat Healthy When Dining Out!

After months of closed signs, many area restaurants are opening…

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Nothing Beats Farmers Markets’ Freshness

As a state with a whole lot of farmland, Indiana…

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COVID-19 and the 2021-22 School Year: What to Expect

We’ve got good news and bad news for you as…

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Screenings + Self-Exams
Yes, Ma’am, You Should Get a 3D Mammogram

If you’ve gotten a mammogram in the past couple years,…

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Health + Wellness
Meet (And Avoid) Krazzle, Health Care’s Stress Monster

If you’ve never met Krazzle, health care’s stress monster, you’re…

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No More Whiny “Are We There Yet?”

Road trip the summer after Covid? Yes, please!

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How to Maintain Hope When Cancer Returns

June is National Cancer Survivor Month—and survivorship begins with diagnosis.

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When it Comes to Patient Care, Little Things Make a Big Difference

When she’s working with the patients of Gateway Hancock Health,…

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Just Keep Swimming—For Fun and Good Health

It’s that time of year again: pools are open, and…

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