A man running down a long gravel road toward a sunset.
Running into Marathon Season

Even if distance running isn’t really your thing, we’ve got…

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Man stretching arms over head.
Fitness: 101
The Art of the Stretch

Stretching isn’t just for yoga class.

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A group of people doing squats workouts with weights.
Finish Off the Year Strong

If you think having a strong core means a six-pack,…

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A group sitting in chairs practicing yoga poses.
Yoga + Pilates
Chair Yoga for the Win

Chair yoga makes it possible for people of all abilities…

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Health + Wellness
Hancock Wellness Centers: Your Path to a Better Life

Interested in joining a Hancock Wellness Center? We’ve got the…

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Strength Training: How Often Should I Do It?

Stuck running for miles on end at the gym? Now’s…

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virtual fitness and cooking classes
For Kids
Making Healthy Choices: Virtual Fitness and Cooking Classes

Virtual fitness and cooking classes are great opportunities for getting…

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What Cardio is Right for You?

Ready to stay warm with some cardio this fall?

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It’s Never Too Late

If you are over 50, you may think that your…

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