Health and Wellness

A relaxed man sleeping on a couch in the sun with a book on his chest.
Catch Some ZZZs, Naturally

Finding a solution to disorders such as insomnia and sleep…

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Doctor Amde in front of a blue background with Hancock logos on it.
Health + Wellness
Dr. Sewit Amde: Changing the Lives of Patients One Day at a Time

From skin cancer removals to eyelid surgeries and so much…

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Getting to the Heart of Women’s Health

DYK cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death for…

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Life Hacks
Keep January Joyful

Do those post-holiday blues have you in a funk? Try…

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Easy on the Eyes: Avoiding Summer Hazards with Protective Glasses

Enjoying the summer sun? Don’t be short-sighted. Read our tips…

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HIIT Your Stride

Want to exercise, but can’t find time? Let us show…

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Jump-start Your Fitness (No Jumping, Though, Please!)

Has it been a while since you have put your…

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Is Your Stress Stressing You Out?

You may not always be able to control what life…

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Yoga + Pilates
Is Hot Yoga for You?

The many benefits of hot yoga outweigh the risks, but…

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