Yoga + Pilates
Restorative Yoga for the Win

Ever heard of doing nothing and reaping the benefits? Learn…

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Is Your Stress Stressing You Out?

You may not always be able to control what life…

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Mindfulness + Spirituality
Making Cancer Less Significant, One Scarf at a Time

Find out what happened when we asked four patients at…

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Mindfulness + Spirituality
Revitalize Mental Health with Pen and Paper: Five Ways to Begin Journaling.

Journaling is one of the most versatile and effective tools…

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Mindfulness + Spirituality
Mindful Awareness Equals Better Brainpower

Mindfulness refers to being in the present moment without judgment,…

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A Walk a Day is Good for Body, Mind, and Soul

There’s a daily breather built into Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb’s…

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